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Hi, I'm Arlette. I stress that I am not some super fit human that is going to push an unrealistic and impractical lifestyle onto you that is frankly unachievable.

I am going to provide you with the right resources to enable you to make the choices that suit you, and provide programs and challenges that motivate you and hopefully lead to lifestyle changes you can maintain.

Although a qualified health and fitness instructor I went into the corporate world and this led to a sedentary and party lifestyle.  Reality took hold as I approached 45 and I turned my lifestyle around. It took a year of changing my habits and I hope in some way I can impact you in a similar and positive way.

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Wherever you are on your wellness journey my aim is to motivate with the latest information, programs and tools that fit our age group. Some of the programs out there can be a bit overwhelming or even intimidating, and they don't need to be. Other programs can treat us like we are geriatric. 


Simple programs with support from like-minded communities can help to update your habits for health, nutrition and general wellness.  


Life is for living but changing a few habits at a time can make a difference. 


I look forward to sharing tips to keep you fit, healthy and sane.

Age? Just a Number

I firmly believe this is true. You can change your lifestyle at any age and the impact it can have can be significant. Without starting to rant, I do get a bit fed up with the way society writes women off once we reach a certain age.


I do some modelling for fun and if you are over 45, they expect you to have grey hair and wear frumpy clothes. How many older women do you see advertising gym wear, swim wear and underwear?


We grow stronger and more confident and if you don’t feel that way now is the time to get that spark back.

What Matters to You

As well as motivational programs that help you make those small changes that make a big difference you will also see blogs and recipes to keep you driven and engaged. If you are on a diet/food plan it does not have to be dull or complicated.


Want me to add something specific? Then drop me a line and I will try and build it in to my updates. Life should never be boring, and I don’t want LifestyleOver45 to be – so let me know what interests you.


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